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Mendes claims he would "woop McGregor’s ass" | Fight Site

Mendes claims he would "woop McGregor’s ass"

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Chad Mendes

After Aldo injured his rib during his preps ahead of the fight with McGregor, the UFC called Chad Mendes to step up and to be ready in case Aldo would not be able to fight. Mendes is now official fighting Conor McGregor for the interim title.

"I just found out maybe two or three hours ago. I was actually training and my girlfriend was at the gym and I was hitting mitts and she interrupted the workout and goes 'it's official!' and we all stopped and looked and she was holding up her phone and it was posted on Instagram. That's basically how I found out," Mendes told FOX Sports on Tuesday night after the news was official.

"Since I found out I was the backup, I knew I was fighting Conor. Nothing has changed in my mind except it's gone public. I'm excited. This is a huge opportunity and something I've worked my entire life for. I'm not passing this up."

"I've got two weeks to get as sharp as I can," Mendes said.  "I live a healthy lifestyle so I'm in pretty decent shape year round, so I've been hitting it hard as soon as I found out. So I'm just kind of fine tuning it now, but I'll stay injury free and get that weight down. You guys should see the original O.G. Chad Mendes get in there on July 11 and whoop some ass."

"We all know Aldo's a super athlete, very dangerous stand up, but those are the type of guys that Conor does the best with. We have not seen him with many fighters that have the wrestling, that have the explosiveness to get inside and close the distance on him. The fights that I've seen him lose, those guys were able to get him down on the ground.“

"That right there I feel is a huge hole. I think my style with my wrestling, my athleticism, my speed, and the ability to knock somebody out, the power in my hands, I feel like that's a sh–tier fight for him."